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Watson Communications Hosted offerings feature flexible solutions to adapt and scale to the needs of your business. Our hosted infrustructure is protected by first in class biometric security, encryption, and 24 / 7 active monitoring. Our VMWare based virtual platform offer consistent data backups along side multiple Tier 1 data networks, this redundancy warrants minimum downtime and ensures maximum quality of service.

Hosted Services

Cloud Hosting

Watson Cloud Hosting is a powerful, cloud based hosting solution that is simple enough for small businesses without sacrificing the expandability and power that larger businesses require. Our hosting solution can help push communication continuity without the need for on-premise servers and minimal equipment.

On-Premise Hosted

The Watson On-Premise Hosted platform allows your business to retain hardware on-site with a local data connection, while allowing us to provide your trunking solution and software needs.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Watson Lifeline is an independent call-routing solution designed with disaster recovery in mind. No additional hardware is required, with a feature rich platform to that facilitates an auto attendent to transfer calls and take voicemail messages that will be sent via email during a disaster situation if on-premise equipment is unavailable.

Call Reporting and Call Recording

Through the use of Watson Lifeline, call reporting and call recording is made easy. No additional equipment is needed, hosted on its own cloud platform using Amazon EC2 to maximize uptime and security. Great for ad-campaigns and managing call records for marketing.

Cloud Conferencing

Watson's cloud conferencing enables 256+ user conferences without the need for any special equipment or the costs associated with them, just pay for your usage and forget about the rest!